About Us

 In 2007, after reading of the treats being imported from China that were making our dogs sick and even killing them, Jessie decided to start making her own dog treats. Her homemade treats contained only fresh and healthy ingredients. She then passed them on to friends and family. It caught on. She had always dreamt of someday opening a small shop. Now she knew what she wanted that dream shop to be. It was five years after making that first batch of dog treats when she was able to follow her dream and with tons of help from friends and family she opened her humble little dog shop....Cosmic Dog. 

Along with offering full service grooming, Cosmic Dog has three full size tubs for self serve dog washes that allow customers to bathe their dogs without having to clean up the mess. We also offer fun dog accessories, local art, and of course Cosmic Dog homemade dog treats. Cosmic Dog is proud to sell products made in the USA. The store also has a dedicated section for the items made  closer to home... right here in our wonderful state of Colorado!


Along with buying and selling local, Cosmic Dog believes in giving back. Adopted dogs get their first wash free (with adoption papers).


What we offer...

- Self-serve dog washes

- Full Service Grooming
- Home made dog treats
- Dog toys
- Local art

- Gift items



 Temporary HOURS


Monday        Closed

Tuesday       11AM-4PM

Wednesday  11AM-4PM

Thursday      11AM-4PM

Friday           11AM-4PM

Saturday       11AM-4PM

Sunday          12PM-5PM

116 west 4th street

 Loveland, CO


Mail: cosmicdogwash@gmail.com

  Tel:  970-631-4387

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